Life is a Good Run
           ...running for wellbeing

Ottawa Salus is a registered Canadian charity that for over 38 years has been an unwavering champion in meeting the rehabilitation and supportive housing needs of adults in the Ottawa area with severe mental illness. Our clients’ most fervent hope is to begin a road to recovery from mental illness.

In May 2012, Ottawa Salus was presented with an amazing opportunity to work with a volunteer to start a Learn to Run 5K clinic.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a good number of participants sign up and soon enough we were off and running! The goal of the group was not only to train participants to run a 5K race but to learn to embrace running as a lifestyle.

The runners trained hard, running twice a week with the group and once on the weekend on their own.  All their hard work and dedication paid off when they proudly completed their first 5K race, the Hintonburg Centennial 5K Run/Walk, on July 15, 2012.  This was an amazing experience for everyone involved.  The atmosphere at the race was energizing and supportive.  This will be our fifth year participating in this race.

The Salus running group continues to thrive and a new Learn to Run 5K clinic starts every year.  It has now become tradition that the first race they enter is the Hintonburg Centennial 5K Run/Walk.

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